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bbEditor is an editor client that creates, edits, saves and previews documents with bbCode. The program was created out of a need to edit files that included bbCode locally and store them for later posting to websites that supported bbCode.

To launch bbEdit, execute one of the native binaries or unzip the files in and use the Java command line:

java -classpath ".\dist\bbeditor.jar;.\dist\dictionary.jar;.\dist\jazzy.jar" 

Tips for using bbEditor:
  • Preview tab will render the bbCode document as HTML and display it in a browser.
  • Clicking a hyperlink in preview will launch your system's default external web browser with that link.
  • Highlighting text while editing and then hitting a bbCode toolbar button like [b] will wrap the highlighted code in the tag. Otherwise an empty tag is created and the cursor is placed after the open tag.
  • If no text is selected, the [url] tag toolbar button will prompt for a URL and a Description. Pressing cancel or leaving the prompts blank will generate just an empty [url] tag. Highlighting text and pressing the [URL] button will use the highlighted text as the description and bbCode will prompt for a URL.
Requirements:  JDK 1.4.x

You can download the Java source code for bbEditor and participate in the project at our Source Forge Home Page.

bbEditor includes the Jazzy Spell Check library. For more information about 
Jazzy visit:

Note: bbEditor modifies Jazzy's com.swabunga.spell.event.DocumentWordTokenizer
class to ignore bbCode embedded in the text. This small change is the only 
modification to the Jazzy code.

Licensing and legal issues

bbEditor is licensed under the LGPL. See LGPL.txt for license restrictions. Logo